About the Edmonton Trolley Coalition

The Edmonton Trolley Coalition, founded in 2001, is a registered non-profit society incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act representing Edmontonians on specific public transit issues. The Coalition consists of individual members and community organizations. The Coalition advocates a vision of:

In the 1970s, Edmonton had a vision for public transportation. That vision was for a high quality transit system that would attract commuters and enhance the quality of life in our city. It included an electric light rail transit system to provide quick and convenient travel across the city, an electric trolleybus system to serve heavily traveled trunk routes, and an effective system of feeder bus routes connecting to mainline services. With progress on LRT slowed to a snail's pace for over a decade, potential rights of way being lost, the trolley system in a state of decline, and increased emphasis on roadway development, it appears that vision has gone lost. In order to ensure an effective public transit system for the future, Edmonton needs to re-establish a vision for a quality public transit system.