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On the afternoon of July 20, 2005, TransLink of Vancouver, BC unveiled the first of their new trolleybuses to the public. They are the first trolleybuses to be ordered in Canada since 1983. These buses, built in Winnipeg, MB have the following features:

TransLink has 188 more E40LFs on order (40-feet in length), as well as 40 articulated, or "bendy", buses which are 60-feet in length.

Vancouver will have electric trolleybuses for years to come, but Edmonton's future regarding the use of trolleybuses is still in question. With ever-rising petroleum costs, an electric trolleybus with the features of today's modern low-floor buses is a very feasible option.  Edmonton is one of only two cities in Canada which has the infrastructure in place to run trolleybuses.  Why should we not have modern, low floor trolleys too?

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