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Other Advocacy Groups

The Electric TBus Group
Lobbying for Electric Trolleybuses as part of High Quality Transport Schemes in London, England

The Vancouver Trolleybus Advocacy Website
Why the Clean-Air Trolleybus is the only logical choice for Public Transit on Vancouver's main lines

Citizens for Better Transit
An advocacy group for improvements to public transit in the Edmonton area

Diesel buses and trucks emit more than their fair share of pollution
A campaign to Dump Diesel.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
The institute seeks to educate and promote better urban planning that will be conducive to the construction of more effective transportation systems.

Electric Buses

Electric Trolleybuses in Leeds, UK


Exhausted by Diesel
A detailed report revealing how emissions from diesel powered vehicles threaten our health

California Air Resources Board Report on Diesel Exhaust, 1998

Cancer risk from streetside diesel emissions
German document discussing health hazards from particulate emissions

Dangers of Diesel
A report documenting the perils of diesel exhaust fumes

Centre for Science and the Environment
An investigation of cancer potency of diesel and gasoline exhausts

News Items

Diesel Cancer Risk dwarfs risks from all other Air Toxics

American Lung Association opposes purchase of diesel buses in California as schoolchildren don gas masks

Diesel fumes mean cancer for thousands of Americans every year

Study reveals alarming number of cancer cases caused by diesel exhaust in the United States

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from gas and diesel engines found to cause genetic mutation

Lawsuit filed for exposure to diesel exhaust in California

Indian Supreme Court rules against Delhi Transport Corporation, saying its diesel exhaust emissions put citizens' lives at risk

Diesel exhaust levels inside school buses measured at 23 to 46 times the levels considered by US federal guidelines as posing a significant cancer risk

Harvard School of Public Health researchers investigate the health effects of diesel exhaust exposure

Information/Fact Sheets

American Lung Association: Diesel Exhaust and Air Pollution

Union of Concerned Scientists: Diesel Engines and Public Health

Health and Safety Executive Fact Sheet on Diesel Exhaust

American Federation of Employees Health and Safety Fact Sheet: Diesel Exhaust

Occupational Health and Safety: Hazards of Diesel Exhaust

US Department of Labour Warning on Carcinogenicity of Diesel Exahust